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My child has never had any experience, can they still start?


Yes, we would love to get them started! We will start teaching them all the basics and fundamentals they will need.


Do you give  a free trial? And what do I need to do to set that up?

Yes! We offer a 2-3 day free trial, all you need to do a schedule an appointment by calling our gym and we will let you know when our soonest available appt is. Arrive about 5 minutes early so you can sign a waiver and we can give you a walkthrough of the school so you can get acquainted with us and meet the coaches.


What do I need to try class? 

Comfortable clothes and water bottle! Sandals are best, they’re easy to get on and off; as there are no shoes allowed on the mats.



I’m busy working and cannot bring my child/myself every day, is this still a hobby we should consider?


We recommended a minimum of 2 days, but even 1 is better than none! As you progress through the ranks you may choose to train more often, and we will be here and ready for you. Remember, training and letting your busy schedule get in the way will only keep you away from your goal! Get started and make steps towards your goals.



What are things I should look for when choosing the right place for me and my family?


1. Structure. Does the school have a complete curriculum, do they have a structured program?

2. Safety. Does the school place the highest priority on the student’s safety ?

3. Sanitation. Is the entire school super clean? How often do they sanitize the mat? Does it look, smell and feel clean? Is this environment a place I could see myself being attached to for a long time to come?


I’m in my late 40’s and have always wanted to try Jiu Jitsu and boxing, am I too old? I don’t want to get hurt


No! You’re never to old to start training. We regularly have students start in their 40's and older. Cage Combat Academy is an awesome place to leave your ego at the door and embrace your interest for martial arts in a safe and humble environment.  We structure training on technique, rather than speed and strength.


What makes you different than other schools/gyms?

Our focus is a clean, family friendly environment, where students can call this a second home and enjoy being here. We are detailed and diligent with every aspect of our programs. Our programs are based on structure and progression with the guidance of people who truly want to see you succeed.

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