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Gym Environment 

We are a family gym! Family owned and family based. We love our students, and we are committed to give you a different experience than any other martial arts gym! There is no doubt we are the best MMA & Jiu Jitsu gym in our area. Our goal is to make you feel like family and to always give you a gym to call home, well making sure you are always satisfied with our services. Our staff and coaches are always here dedicated to assist you with anything you may need . We have a wonderful atmosphere where parents can train with their children and or enjoy their own workouts. This journey is one we’re in together! 


Programs & Structure 

Our programs are all structured and designed to help every student prosper. We closely follow guidelines and our curriculums to stay on track and continue to grow. We are very organized and dedicated to implementing rules that help our programs run smoothly. We have so many incentives for our students 4-13 to encourage good behavior, good grades, self-disciple, responsibility, and so much more.


Cleaning & Sanitation 

We take pride in having a very clean and sanitary facility. We use hospital grade disinfectant to clean and sanitize twice a day, including our mats. We use different mops and buckets for the gym flooring to be extra precautions. We buy new mop heads every 3-4 months and Lysol after each use.  Upon opening we sanitize and clean all bleachers, front desks, door handles, fence around the cage, all bags, kick shields, head gear, and loaner gear, as well as all cubbies. Our bathroom is always clean and stocked and checked after every class. Students ages 4-7 must use the restroom with an adult, as we have a no mess policy. Our goal is to always make sure you're as comfortable as you are at home! Rest assured we take sanitation and cleanliness seriously.


What makes us different?

Unlike some gym, here at Cage Combat Academy your kids will be with the same coach’s day in and day out. Coaches that will get to know them and their individual needs, which will be detrimental to their development as young martial artists. We are more than just a martial arts program, we are a family, and as family we love and help one another. We have a designed weekly program that helps parents stay connected with coaches in order to help delegate any areas we can with students at home/school in order to help correct behavior.



We attend tournaments as a school, tournaments are not mandatory, but we encourage our students to participate as often as possible and if Coach believes the student is ready to compete. Tournaments are announced with lots of time in advance for proper planning. We attend tournaments 3-5 times per year, this is optional, and no student is ever required to participate.


12044 Dunia Rd. Ste D

Victorville, CA 92392


Tel: 760.669.0926


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